COVID-19 E-shot 01/04/20

***The information given on these pages is the legal stance based on the government advice, please be mindful that this advice can change. This is the absolute minimum required by law. It is the Employer's decision whether they need their employee to work and what they pay to their nanny, you are allowed to pay above the minimum if you wish to. Making decisions about whether to pay more than the minimum can be a very difficult one, you will need to consider many things, such as, your future relationship with your employee and the affordability for you and your employee in these troubling times. It is wonderful to see that many employers have been able to retain their employees on full pay during this pandemic, but we appreciate that some will not be able to. Please be assured that this is your decision to make.***

Copy of email sent to clients on 01/04/20.

As always I thank you for allowing me to update you as the Government update their guidance on the UK response to Covid-19.

All guidance we supply is linked to a current source and is legally correct.  We offer this advice so our clients can then make an informed choice on how to explore options with their Nanny. 

I have two updates to confirm to you today:

Have the Government confirmed if an employer of a Nanny is eligible to claim costs under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

It is still not possible for NannyPaye to confirm completely that you will have access to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme grant. However, we note that the wording surrounding the eligibility of the grant has now removed the mention of ‘all UK businesses’.

This makes us far more confident that you will be able to claim your eligible furlough costs and employers should consider this now as at a low risk of financial loss. We hasten to add that should you not be eligible under the application criteria you would be liable for all wages paid under furlough to your employee.

This still does not mean that every scenario meets the criteria for furlough.  Please ensure you only apply furlough in situations where your employee would have otherwise been laid off/made redundant or shielding for example. FAQ’s Section

On 29th March, have issued a very useful FAQ section to their website that we have linked to below.  The vast amount of misinformation currently circulating seems to have caused much confusion and distress, so we welcome this update from

That said every employer should take a sensitive approach given that this is a global health crisis and people are naturally worried.  Regardless of the clear guidance provided by the FAQ’s we recommend that employers explore any legitimate concerns their employee has to try to come to a mutually beneficial resolution.