Important Updates

Dear Client,

As we all transition through the effects of Covid-19 on your relationship with your nanny, I find myself encouraged by how well our clients and their employees have taken on the new normal.  Furlough claims are going through with little drama, many employees are returning to work, we are all ‘getting on with it’ which leads me today to really only have a few key topics to draw your attention to.

Part-Time Furlough
Please can we remind clients that if your nanny has return part-time (and you are paying 80% of the wage for furloughed hours) we need to have this information urgently.  Please follow this link for more information on how to part-time furlough your nanny

Part-Time Furlough Calculator
As promised we have added to our Job Retention Scheme Calculator webpage a new calculator to now allow you to easily calculate how much to claim for a part-time furloughed employee.  We have also added several more calculators which should be used from July onwards due to changes in HMRC calculation methods compared to June 2020.

Furlough Claim Deadline
The deadline to claim for any furlough activity up to the end of June is this Friday 31st July 2020.  If you have not submitted your claim by then you will lose out on your funding.

Furlough Refund is Reducing from August
Please may I remind all clients that the amount you can claim against your furlough costs is reducing from August.  Please follow this link to last months e-shot for more information

£1000 Job Retention Bonus
The government has introduced a payment to employers of £1,000 for each furloughed employee who returns to work and remains with you through to the end of January 2021.
The employee must have been furloughed then return to work.  The employee must stay earning above £520 per month between the end of October 2020 (when the furlough scheme ends) and the end of January 2021. Payments will be made from February 2021 and we expect further details about the scheme will be published by the end of July.

Incorrect Furlough Claims
Inevitably and fully understandably some clients have requested the wrong amount of funding from the furlough scheme.  If you claim too much funding you should reduce your next claim by that value. If you have claimed too little funding then you should contact HMRC on 0800 024 1222 to alter your claim. If you have no further claims to make and have over claimed you should also contact HMRC to discuss repayment.

Quarantine After Overseas Travel
The quarantine rules are currently very changeable and we would invite clients to contact us so we can advise on a case by case basis if either you or your nanny are forced to quarantine after returning from overseas travel.  The surprise announcement regarding Spain will no doubt inadvertently cause some disruption.  The question around salary due in these situations can be hard to give a comprehensive response to but generally should you not be able to provide a safe working environment for your employee then that would normally result in a period of paid leave at the employers cost.  Should your nanny not be able to perform her duties due to the forced isolation then it’s likely this would be unpaid leave unless a different approach could be agreed.  As always please contact us regarding your individual situation so we can supply specific advice.