GDPR - what does it mean?

As an employer, you should consider how you are using and storing your employees data as well as how you are transmitting their data to other providers such as NannyPaye.

You also need to provide your employee with a Privacy Notice to confirm to them how you will be using and storing their data.

We appreciate that as a family employing a nanny, this feels like a minefield and you may not know where to start. We have a sample Privacy Notice available here which may give you some help to get started. This is provided free of charge and is not endorsed or supported in any way by NannyPaye.

DONT GET CAUGHT OUT - Use the NannyPaye website 'Client Login' section to submit information securely to us.

Unprotected email is generally considered an insecure method of transmitting personal data. If you have not already done so we strongly encourage you to familiarise yourself with the 'Client Login' section on our website.

Our website is secure so you can use this to submit your employees data, payroll information and anything else to us without breaching the GDPR guidelines.

We urge you to use this system going forwards. It also stores everything that you submit to us securely and you can view your submissions anytime.

If you have not already registered to use the 'Client Login' section of our website, you can do this here.