My Nanny has been advised to self-isolate

***The information given on these pages is the legal stance based on the government advice, please be mindful that this advice can change. This is the absolute minimum required by law. It is the Employer's decision whether they need their employee to work and what they pay to their nanny, you are allowed to pay above the minimum if you wish to. Making decisions about whether to pay more than the minimum can be a very difficult one, you will need to consider many things, such as, your future relationship with your employee and the affordability for you and your employee in these troubling times. It is wonderful to see that many employers have been able to retain their employees on full pay during this pandemic, but we appreciate that some will not be able to. Please be assured that this is your decision to make.***

There are a variety of reasons why your Nanny could be given medical advice to self-isolate. This includes not only when they are exhibiting symptoms, but also where they have:

  • recently been to an area where there has been an outbreak; or
  • been in recent contact with an infected person or someone displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

However, you should still take reasonable steps to verify the sickness absence. This could include requiring the employee to make regular contact, and requiring the employee to explain what medical advice they have followed.

You the employer should also seek your own advice from concerning the precautions you and your family should take due to the possible risk of you contracting the virus.

Employees who are ill, whether or not this is due to COVID-19, will be paid as per your contractual sick pay policy which is normally SSP. Proposed recent changes to legislation mean that SSP is likely to be payable from the first day of sickness rather than fourth.