Nanny working within 2 meters of children

***The information given on these pages is the legal stance based on the government advice, please be mindful that this advice can change. This is the absolute minimum required by law. It is the Employer's decision whether they need their employee to work and what they pay to their nanny, you are allowed to pay above the minimum if you wish to. Making decisions about whether to pay more than the minimum can be a very difficult one, you will need to consider many things, such as, your future relationship with your employee and the affordability for you and your employee in these troubling times. It is wonderful to see that many employers have been able to retain their employees on full pay during this pandemic, but we appreciate that some will not be able to. Please be assured that this is your decision to make.***

We have contacted both Public Health England and the Department of Education for guidance on this matter. Their response was that in a setting that you are caring for or working for people in a household then it is unavoidable that you must come into contact with these people.

In these settings we advise that (as with any workplace that remains open) precautions should be followed such has regular hand washing and avoiding contact to only when it is necessary. 

Adult family members should at all times unless absolutely necessary stay two meters away from their Nanny to leave her to complete her vital childcare role.