Ofsted Registration - Employers Guide

We often get questions about registering a nanny with Ofsted so that parents can pay their nanny using childcare vouchers.  This quick reference guide is intended to give you some basic information about the Ofsted registration process.  Ofsted registration is voluntary and applies only in England.  For a comprehensive guide to assist you with registering your nanny with Ofsted, please see our website or request via e-mail.

Cost of Registration

Ofsted charges an annual fee of £103.  This fee is for registration only and does not include your nanny meeting any of the registration criteria.

Additional Costs

To register with Ofsted your nanny needs to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Paediatric First Aid which is updated every 3 years - cost varies, can often be around £100.
  • Minimum of Level 2 childcare qualification or Common Core Skills and Knowledge. The Common Core Skills course costs around £150 and is either distance learning or a 1 day course with written course work.  It would be expected that candidates complete the work within a month.
  • Nanny public liability insurance – cost varies, often around £70 a year.
  • Enhanced DBS Check – cost £52.10 via www.OfstedDbsApplication.co.uk (additional cost of £8.75 if nanny does not know someone suitable for signing the ID form and needs to process via a Post Office).  The ID form can be found on Step 3 of the Ofsted DBS Application website.
  • DBS Update Service – costs £13 per year.

The initial cost for your nanny can therefore be over £385. 

How Long Registration Takes

First your nanny needs to complete training requirements.  They may already have completed suitable courses.   First aid courses are held on a regular basis by various providers and some do offer courses at weekends.

DBS needs to be applied for online and can take from a few weeks to several months to be processed.  Once the DBS has been processed your nanny needs to immediately register with the DBS Update Service online.  Payment is needed when completing the DBS application followed by payment for DBS Update Service.

The Ofsted application form CR1 needs to be completed.   This is only available online.  Payment is not needed for this at application stage but is requested later on via an invoice sent to your nanny.  Ofsted can take up to 12 weeks to process an application.

Your nanny is not Ofsted registered until they receive their registration certificate in the post.  Once they have this they can then register with your childcare voucher provider.