Paediatric First Aid

Caring for young children can mean dealing with minor injuries such as those sustained when a baby/toddler is learning to walk and on occasion a more serious situation.   Effective emergency treatment before professional help arrives can save a child’ life.  It is therefore important that you know what to do in the event of a child in your care sustaining an injury.

A Paediatric First Aid course will cover topics such as:

  • Performing a primary survey to prioritise treatment.
  • Identifying and treatment of airway, breathing and circulation problems.
  • Treatment of a child or adult Choking.
  • Treatment of Blood Loss – Children have less blood than adults so a bleed can become life-threatening quicker.
  • Treatment of Cuts and Grazes, Stings and Bites.
  • Treatment of Shock.
  • Treatment of Sprains, Strains and Broken Bones.
  • Treatment of a Head Injury.
  • Treatment of Burns, Poisoning and Electric Shock.
  • Treatment of an Allergic Reaction.
  • Treatment of Convulsions, Fits, Heat Stroke and Hypothermia.
  • Dealing with an unwell child.

 There are two common course lengths:

                6 hour practical course with an online learning module.

                12 hour practical course.

If you are an approved childcarer, you should confirm with your first aid training provider with regards to the course being suitable for your registration. 

We are aware of many providers of Paediatric First Aid courses and we do not recommend any particular provider.   Popular providers of courses are:

First Aid for Life
British Red Cross
First Aid for Life
Home Affairs Training Academy
Millie’s Trust
St. John Ambulance
Tigerlilly Training
Training for Nannies