Submit Contribution Schedules

Every week/month once the payroll has been completed, a pension contribution schedule has to be created and uploaded to the individuals NEST account.

We spent many hours working with NEST to ensure that we were able to do this seamlessly through our payroll software directly into the individuals NEST account through a system called an API. Whilst there was a lot of work involved in this set up, it is now paying off as we are able to process this upload in a minimal amount of time meaning that we have been able to price our service at just £60 per annum. We are the only payroll bureau who processes the entire pension for you from scheme setup, declaration of compliance, assessment of employees and enrolment letters all the way through to pension calculations, file upload and payment authorisation - in fact we are one of only two companies who do the payment authorisation for you (and the other one charge £49 per month).

Don't forget, that we do all of this for you if you use the NannyPaye Pension Service.