Registration in Wales - Employers Guide

In Wales your nanny can register with CSSIW so that parents can pay using childcare vouchers.  This quick reference guide is intended to give you some basic information about the registration process.  The voluntary scheme only applies to nannies working in Wales, although if they live in England and provide the care in Wales they can still apply.

Download Factsheet (pdf)

Cost of Registration

The first year cost is £96. This fee is for registration and an enhanced DBS check.    The fee does not include your nanny meeting any of the registration criteria.

Additional Costs

An additional charge of £8.75 applies for having ID documents checked at the Post Office.

Registration renewal fee is £55

Registration Criteria

To register with CSSIW your nanny needs to meet the following minimum criteria:

Your nanny is not registered until they receive their registration certificate in the post.  Once they have this they can then register with your childcare voucher provider.