What Happens Next

The hardest part in employing a nanny is most definitely finding somebody that you trust enough to leave your children with. Once you have found your nanny then the rest is easy. Below is a step by step guide of what happens next and what your involvement is.

You will be pleased to know that once you are registered with us and have returned the forms to us the only ongoing task that you have are paying the nanny the net pay, paying the tax bills to HMRC and telling us of any changes.

Step By Step Guide

When does it happen What do NannyPaye do What do I need to do
Ideally at least 6 weeks before your nanny starts with you (you don't even need to have found your nanny when you do this), but many people are not that organised and register later Answer any questions that you may have Register with NannyPaye
Once you have registered with NannyPaye Post out a welcome pack to you and set you up on our payroll software Read through and return the forms to us along with money laundering ID
As soon as possible Pay NannyPaye either by debit card over the phone or via bank transfer using the details on the invoice in your welcome pack
Four weeks before your employee starts work Register you as an Employer with HMRC Ensure that you have paid our annual fee (we cannot do this without payment)
Before each payday Email you a payslip and post one to your nanny Pay the net pay to your nanny using cash, cheque, bank transfer, childcare vouchers or any combination of these on thier payday
Every three months Email and post a tax bill to you Pay the tax bill via bank transfer to HMRC before the deadline (all payment details are on the tax bill)
Just before the tax bill is due Email you to remind you to pay the tax bill if you haven't already Ensure that you have paid the tax bill and if not make payment to HMRC
At the end of the tax year Post a P60 to your employee
When your nanny works overtime/less hours/has a change of pay/days etc Following your instruction we adjust the payslips and re-issue them as necessary Tell us of any changes to the payroll and ensure that you pay them the correct net amount on their payday
If you recieve a letter from HMRC Once we recieve this we deal with the problem for you Send it to us (scan and email is fine)
When your nanny leaves Once you inform us of this we will issue a P45 by post to the employee around their leave date Inform us of your employees last day
If you have a new employee Once you inform us we will add them to your payroll Inform us of their details
If you have any questions If we can fix this for you we will Call or email us
When you final nanny leaves Close your account with HMRC and continue to monitor the account with them and deal with any problems for the following three years