Hey nannies! This bit is for you.

Here at NannyPaye we have many nannies who are very loyal to us and always recommend us to their new employers as they know that we will look after their taxes for them the way they should be looked after.

But it isn’t just about taxes when you are a nanny, in fact it is hardly about taxes at all for you!  Being a nanny is about the way that you unconditionally love your charges even when they throw their fifteenth tantrum of the day, you teach them how to read and write, what right from wrong, that sharing is more fun than not, how to climb a tree, build a sandcastle and so much more. When you are with your charges the last thing on your mind will be 'the legal stuff' that comes from being an employee and after the twelve hour day that you have just finished it is probably way past our closing time. So what do you do when you have a question? You could ask your fellow nannies... but sometimes the answer you get is not legally correct and then you could land yourself in some hot water. We have dedicated this section of our website to helping you find out the right information when you need it.

If you think that there is anything missing from this section then please drop us an email so that we can look to add it for you, we want to be your go-to place for correct advice.