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The values and practices that guide our ethical approach.

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In the ever-evolving business landscape, the concept of ethics can often get lost amidst the rush for revenue generation and market domination. However, here at NannyPaye, we believe that ethical business practices form the bedrock of lasting success.

As a firm that specialises in managing payroll and employment responsibilities for domestic employers across the UK, we are committed to being a paragon of ethical business. Here we shed light on the values and practices that guide our ethical approach.

Transparency and accountability: Our cornerstones

We've always prided ourselves on the levels of transparency and accountability we bring into our work. From the outset, we ensure that all parties involved are well-informed about their respective responsibilities, tax obligations, and legal rights. This openness not only cultivates trust but also builds long-term relationships with our clients and their employees.

values and practices

Our ethical approach

At NannyPaye, we've always strived to prove that ethics and business can, and should, go hand in hand. Through our unwavering commitment to transparency, employee welfare, environmental responsibility, community outreach, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction, we have set a benchmark in the domestic employment industry. As we continue to grow, we pledge to uphold these principles, further establishing ourselves as the embodiment of ethical business.

Customer-centric approach: The NannyPaye way

Our customers are truly valued, and it's our mission to ensure their satisfaction. We offer our comprehensive range of services at fair prices and back them up with unparalleled customer support. We believe in treating our customers with the same respect and care that we would expect for ourselves.

Employee welfare: A priority, not an afterthought

We understand that the backbone of any great organisation is its employees. Therefore, we have systems in place to ensure that nannies registered with us are well taken care of. From managing tax registrations to handling pension contributions and ensuring access to sick pay, we take the heavy lifting off the employer's shoulders, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: a rewarding work relationship.

Sustainability: Our promise for the future

As a responsible organisation, we are committed to eco-friendly practices. We minimise paper usage by leaning heavily on digital communication methods. We believe that sustainability is not a trend, but a long-term commitment to our planet.

Regulatory compliance: Non-negotiable

In all our years of service, we have always met or exceeded legislative requirements, a practice we consider non-negotiable. Adhering to laws and regulations not only keeps us in good standing but also affirms the trust that our clients place in our services.

Community involvement: Extending beyond business

Our commitment to ethical business practices doesn't end with just our immediate clients; it extends to the community at large. We actively engage in initiatives aimed at improving early childhood education and creating resources for parents and nannies alike. We believe that by making a difference in our community, we’re contributing to a larger, more significant impact. We also support several local charities by providing our services to them free of charge.

Above and beyond: Always going further

During the Covid Pandemic, NannyPaye focused it’s attention on not only supporting our clients through furlough but also providing informative mailshots breaking down the confusing government broadcasts into understandable relevant information. We provided all of our clients with accurate advice and guidance in a clear and concise manner. We made these resources available to the community at large when we discovered that our competitor had decided to close it doors and phone lines during a crucial six week period, ensuring that families and nannies alike were able to access accurate information at such an important time, regardless of their relationship with NannyPaye.

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