• Jo Whitby

    An excellent, value for money service. Efficient, saved me lots of time and the extra employment advice was a bonus – would recommend.

  • Emma Sellar

    I am afraid we will no loner need your services after that day too. You have been great, and it makes everything very easy.

  • Dave Reed

    I’ve just renewed my subscription with you guys. I’ve found you to be excellent to work with over the last year and a real pleasure each time I have needed your advice and services, and I look forward to more of the same!

  • Karen Foley

    It has been a pleasure working with NannyPaye staff who have certainly helped to simplify and demystify the complexities of employing a Nanny! ;.)

  • Claire Ireland

    Nannypaye have been an absolute life saver! Definately value for money and always willing to go that extra little mile in providing advice and support. Thank You.  Being in a nannyshare felt like it could have made things more difficult, however Nannypaye have made it simple and easy to understand. They have taken the stress out of ensuring our nanny is properly paid. As a result we feel like we have been good employers to our nanny and she in turn has been happy with her payslips and benefits.  Thanks!

  • Sam Gibson

    We have used Nannypaye for more than three years, and intend to stay with them for as long as we employ a nanny. From the beginning, Nannypaye has combined invaluable knowledge of employment and tax law with practical advice on day to day arrangements such as how to share employer responsibilities between 2 families. Nannypaye seem to be just the right size of company – they provide the high-quality, personalised service of a small company, but have the specialist skills and experience you would expect from a larger firm.

  • Jeanette Francis

    Dear Graham
    After three and a half years of using your services I want to thank you for being so efficient and customer focused. The payroll has always been flexible and accurate, and every time I call for help or advice I speak to someone who knows what they are talking about and is very willing to talk me through the detail.
    Please pass on my thanks to your excellent team and best wishes for the future.
    Kind regards
    Jeanette Francis.

  • Matt Green

     A very friendly and helpful organisation with expert knowledge that has made employing a nanny stress free. The level of service is exceptional and very good value for money, and I would thoroughly recommend NannyPaye to anyone looking for advice or support when employing a nanny. Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Juliette Ash

    Just to say, and please quote me if you would like to, that I can’t praise NannyPaye, Graham and Jessica highly enough for their help with me nanny payroll. I have saved their fee several times over by following their sound advice and they are always immediately available to help out on the phone when you need them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Juliette Ash

    I joined NannyPAYE for payroll services when I employed our first Nanny, that was 5 years ago now and over that time I’ve come to realise that NannyPAYE are about so much more than just producing a piece of paper at the end of the month. The team are always friendly and supportive and their knowledge of HMRC, tax and employment law are second to none. Over the years they have come to know me well and as such have been able to provide support and advice with a personal touch that is both relevant and in the best interest of me and my family. Their advice has never failed me and so they have earned my trust and respect as a company that puts it’s client first. This is where they stand out from the rest as customer service is their differentiator; they never lose sight of who their client is and that ultimately at the centre of everything are our children. In a world where ’Mum’ or ‘Dad’ is transformed to ‘Employer’ overnight with all the policy, legal obligation and employment confusion that comes with it, NannyPAYE are the answer to getting it right from day one. Simply put, they are worth their weight in gold. Thank-you NannyPAYE!!

  • Kelli Puttock

    Just to say, and please quote me if you would like to, that I can’t praise NannyPaye, Graham and Jessica highly enough for their help with me nanny payroll. I have saved their fee several times over by following their sound advice and they are always immediately available to help out on the phone when you need them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • J. Lee

    I have been extremely happy with the service provided by NannyPaye. It truly is excellent and your staff have all gone above and beyond to provide me with useful information and the best possible customer service. I couldn’t praise them or your agency highly enough and have already recommended your services to friends.

  • Rich and Anna Stephens

    We have been with Nanny PAYE for many years now and we have always enjoyed hassle-free, polite and efficient service. We recommend them unequivocally to anyone who wants to simplify their lives in this area.

  • Sarah Thomas

    I have found all the people I have contacted at NannyPaye friendly, helpful and polite. The response times of both telephone calls and emails are good and issues are sorted out quickly and efficiently. It is very evident that Customer Service is very important at NannyPaye.

  • Kate Brightmore

    I have just got off the phone form an extremely helpful chap (sorry should have got his name) the advice as always was clear quick and extremely helpful. Your service is invaluable and worth every penny I don’t know what I would do without you. I would highly recommend you to any other Mums out there. It may seem a steep fee at the outset but you will not regret it. First class service.

  • Tanya Lipner

    I have bee using the services of NannyPaye for a year now and have found them to be absolutely fantastic. They were recommended to me by a friend and I would recommend them to anyone who employs a nanny.
    People who need nannies or childminders are by definition busy people juggling the demands of work with parenthood so a company who can take one of the pressures away by looking after the paperwork involved in employing a nanny, is a dream come true.
    Tax, contracts and employment is a very specialised area and if you get it wrong, there is a big price to pay. For a modest annual fee, I have found that NannyPaye sorts out absolutely everything involved in employing a nanny. From working out rates of pay, pro rata figures, tax and National Insurance, to issuing payslips and working out complicated holiday or sickness allowances, Nannypaye does it all. They even post your Nanny’s payslips to you, work out how much you have to pay her, and how much tax and National Insurance you have to pay, how to pay it and anything else you can think of! They pretty much do it all for you whatever your situation. As a working mother of three who doesn’t get a lot of sleep and finds complicated figures difficult to get my head round, I have found NannyPaye invaluable. They are always at the end of the phone and can explain complicated aspects of employment law and tax in a patient and easy to understand way. Jeff has always been available to me and particularly helpful and patient with my changing needs over the year as my nanny changed her contract mid-year, however all members of staff I have ever dealt with at Nannypaye are ready to help, very efficient, hardworking and extremely friendly.
    I will be renewing my subscription without a second thought.

  • Felix Green

    Fantastic service over the last 3 years, thoroughly recommend! No hassles, all the annoying tax stuff taken care of – all for a very reasonable fee.

  • Marijke Miles

    Ode to NannyPaye
    NannyPAYE how do I love thee?
    Let me count the ways…
    Thy swift answering of phones on first ring
    Thy friendly helpful staff who sound like they actually know you… and actually care
    Thy superb website with immediate helpful, accurate information day and night
    Thy expert legal team with exceptional knowledge and experience
    Thy wonderful packs and information sheets for clients
    Thy excellent, prompt emailing of pay slips well in advance of the due date
    Thy accurate, efficient and easy payroll system which has completely transformed our family life, reduced stress levels and allowed me to keep my conversations with my nanny about the welfare of the children not about how much money she’s missing
    Thy incredible value for money and simple annual fees (but that’s not a suggestion that you raise your prices)
    My only sadness is that my nanny is pregnant and my twins are going to pre-school so I’m afraid at the end of the year we will be parting company…
    I’m sure this won’t be very useful for customer testimonials but do feel free to edit it as you see fit and use in any way you like. Many thanks for your wonderful service it’s absolutely boundless.
    Best wishes,
    Marijke Miles

  • Janet Ferguson

    From the moment I made initial enquiries until my final few weeks using Nannypaye, I have to say that all of the staff were very knowledgeable, professional and helpful at all times. The new world of Nannies, being an employer and the trials of working out the pay and especially tax for my Nanny was made so much easier with the help of Graham, Jeff and Shelley in particular. Thanks for your patience and understanding and I urge anybody who is interested in employing a Nanny to use Nannypaye who are streets ahead for their competitors. Thanks again for all of your assistance and advice. Janet and my Boys x

  • Trudie Wigley

    Graham and the team provide a high quality, and very friendly and personal service. Nothing is too much bother and they have been very patient with me, particularly at the beginning when I was new to the world of nannies and PAYE (and children for that matter!) Their service is exceptional value for money and is the place to go for your nanny payroll needs.
    Thank you Nannypaye!

  • Mrs J. Turner

    Since using NannyPaye I have fund their service to be exceptional for the first informative phone call about my nannyshare they were always on the ball and have made the tax and law side of employing a nanny pain free!

  • Mrs V Airey

    I have been using NannyPaye now for more than 5 years and I can honestly say that in all that time they have only ever provided a slick, professional and hassle free service. When my nanny took maternity leave and i had another nanny in-between times, no problem. When I had a nannyshare, NannyPaye sorted out a complicated tax code issue which saved me hundreds of pounds in tax. Every time I call them they always ring me back when they say they will and have always dealt with my issues. As a very busy (and fussy!) lawyer, my life has been made a lot easier by NannyPaye – why would anyone not use them? Keep up the brilliant work. It is nice to know that we can still offer good service in this country. Thank you.

  • Nazmul Kamal

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team again for the very personal and useful service that you provide.
    As a doctor, I have no idea where to start when it comes to preparing payslips and calculating tax per quarter for our nanny and that service alone, has been worth its weight in gold. Added to that, every time I have a query about something, esp to do with employment laws, you have been both approachable and knowledgeable and for this (and I might be shooting myself in the foot here!) I would easily value your service at way more than the current annual subscription fee!
    Thank you for providing a stress free nanny experience.

  • Cedric Fan

    I would like to thank everyone at Nannypaye for your high level of professionalism and competence. We had a rather mixed experience with customer service in the UK. If one were to rank various service providers we dealt with, I would put BT at one end of the spectrum, Nannypaye at the other end, and everybody else in between.

  • Catherine Harrell

    Wow – talk about incredible service! I’m an American employee working in the UK and recently needed some specialized reporting regarding payment of my nanny for my US based company. The company wouldn’t accept any of the standard forms received from HMRC or pay slips from NannyPaye. I called seeking help and Shelly came to my rescue. In minutes, Shelly generated and emailed me exactly the information I needed in 10 different versions of a report! Thank you for your incredible service and personalized attention!

  • Helen Hall

    Dear All,
    I would like to thank you all for your fantastic service.
    I would recommend to anyone and everyone and I only wish that all companies were as well run, fantastic service and always a friendly ear.
    Your help and advice is great and as far as I am concerned you are worth weight in gold. Soon I will no longer need your services but I am sure that I wouldn’t hesitate if I ever have a nanny in the future.
    Thanks again.
    Kind regards, Helen

  • Jessica Church

    Thank you Nannypaye,
    My nanny is leaving us and our account is now cancelled.
    I just wanted to highlight my complete satisfaction with your service which has been efficient and extremely good value for money.
    Every one of your staff who has picked up the phone has been able to deal with any queries immediately which is quite refreshing nowadays.
    Customer service at it’s best – I will certainly recommend you.
    Thank you,
    Jessica Church

  • Amanda Duffy

    I have used Nannypaye’s payroll services for over two years, and in that time have had more and more complicated nanny shares. Nothing has been too complex or difficult for them to manage, and I am massively grateful for the services they provide.

  • Clare

    Thank you for your assistance over the past year - we've had a fantastic experience with NannyPaye and I regularly recommend you to friends who are employing nannies.

  • Abigail Penny

    My experience of employing a nanny hasn’t been anywhere near as simple as I expected it to be and I am so grateful and surprised by the level of service you have provided to me. When things go wrong it becomes terribly stressful and I have honestly found your organisation to be a beacon in the darkness. You have gone over and above what I expected of you and provided invaluable help and support during a very difficult time. Thank you so much.

  • Clare Russell, Surrey

    I have used the services of NannyPaye for nearly 5 years, and am only leaving because I no longer need a nanny. They have provided me with a personal and professional service, including giving me employment law advice when my nanny was pregnant. I would thoroughly recommend them. Clare Russell, Surrey

  • Katrina Dalby

    Hi there
    I just wanted to say thank you for posting me my refund.
    I have been really pleased with the service I have received from NannyPaye. You are always very helpful and understanding and don’t make accounting seem like a specialist science that I couldn’t possibly understand!
    The pay slips always arrive on time and you reply to emails and phone calls quickly.
    Thanks very much, I always recommend you to friends.
    Kind Regards
    Katrina Dalby

  • Pete Waller

    Dear Graham,
    I’d like to say a big thanks for the PAYE services that your company has provided us over the last 4 years. Having you do all the calculations, paperwork and submissions took all the effort out of being an employer. Everything ran so smoothly that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company to others. It’s rare that I’m truly happy spending money on something but the service that you provided was so reliable and such good value that I would not have wanted to try to do it myself. Please pass my thanks on to the rest of the team and feel free to quote me whenever you wish.
    Best regards

  • Jo Brown

    Again a big thank you to the NannyPaye team! Each time I telephone with a query I speak to a knowledgeable and helpful person (who picks up the telephone, rather than having to select through a menu) who sets me on the right track. I have used the company for 1.5 years and would be lost without them. I really couldn’t ask for more in terms of a payroll, legal and tax service. It’s more than a service – it’s real-life people. Brilliant.

  • Mr Ross Verrall

    NannyPaye have provided a fantastic level of customer service and gone well above their mandate investigating an issue I raised. As it turned out the issue had nothing to do with NannyPaye and was infact a wrong assumption on my part, yet NannyPaye were extreamely professional and courteous in their response. I would wholeheartedly recommned NannyPaye to any friends and family.

  • Claudia Hammond

    We were brand new parents to dimpled twins baby girls and the year flew! Suddenly the date for going back to work full time was upon us, and disaster struck: we could not find nursery places - anywhere-. We panicked, getting a great nanny fast was not a problem, but getting to grips with her pay and tax and national insurance and contract? ARGH! We had zero clue how to be employers. NannyPaye were AMAZING. They set us up with HMRC, explained everything (three times - we really had no idea how to do any of this), drew up a fair contract, sent us payslips and answered all of our silly questions. I cannot recommned Nannypaye enough - we are sorry that the girls are now in nursery and we no longer need then! We've never had a better experience with a service. Brilliant.

  • Alex Alcoe

    …continued from email…
    Well all but one thing – to congratulate you all on the fantastic, diligent, knowledgeable and caring service that you deliver. I would recommend you without hesitation to anyone. If you ever wanted to use me for positive comments for promotional materials I would be more than willing to do so in some small measure of gratitude for the way you have guided me through the minefield of being an employer of a “small company” (to quote Mr Cameron on his recent letter – which didn’t actually apply to me anyway! You’ve got to laugh and without your help I would never have seen the funny side).
    Thanks a million; your satisfied and humble servant,

  • Nasser Khan

    Dear Shelly
    Many thanks for doing all this work so quickly.
    May I also take this opportunity to than you in writing for the excellent service you have provided recently?
    When I contacted you I was very concerned about my employee’s payslips (I’m not very good with this sort of thing!)and the feeling that I would have a lot of difficulties with HMRC given the historical nature of the problem. You were extremely reassuring, friendly and helpful. In addition, you made a potentially complex and difficult situation something I could easily understand. After getting off the phone to you I was very relieved and so was our nanny.
    I am happy to recommend NannyPaye to my friends and colleagues based on the experiences I have had recently. Not all organisations respond so quickly and positively when they have a worried client so well done!
    Many thanks again