Contract of Employment

Contract prepared by our in house legal advisor

The only company on the market offering a tailored contract of employment drafted by our own in house legal advisor. Charged at £24.99 our contract is a great value one off option helping you make the best start with your new nanny. Not to be confused with inferior ‘fill the gaps’ style documents, this is your unique document that we produce via consultation and continuous drafting.

A contract of Employment is not only a legal necessity but also a useful third party to fall back on when any employment issues arise between you and your nanny.

In our experience parents without a contract almost never set down items such as holiday pay, maternity pay, sick pay, notice period etc. with their nanny and it almost always leads to bad feeling at some time in the term of her employment.

The nannies contract allows you to agree in advance items such as when holiday can be taken, what happens if your nanny is sick and how much notice each party has to give should you or your nanny wish to end the agreement.  This provides a much more certain environment for both you and your nanny.

You have a legal obligation to provide a contract

By law, an employer is required to give all employees who have been in employment for at least one month, written details of the employee’s main particulars of employment.  As part of your recruitment process it can be useful to have the contract produced prior to your nanny starting work or as soon as possible after they start working for you. All details of the employee’s particulars of employment must be given to the employee not later than two months after they start work.

New regulations came into force on 1 October 2002 which prevents fixed term employees being treated less favourably than similar permanent employees. This means that employers must give the same terms and conditions of employment, such as holiday entitlement and pensions, to fixed term nannies as to permanent nannies, unless any difference in treatment can be objectively justified.

Personalised contract specifically written for you

At NannyPaye we provide a personalised contract specifically written for you and your nanny for £24.99. This contract has all of the statutory minimum requirements and gives you the best possible start with your nanny.

To apply for a NannyPaye contract simply tick the box at the bottom of our subscription form when you register. This service is only available to clients of our payroll service.