Declaration of Compliance

Part of the Pension Regulator compliance is an 11 page document that needs to be completed within 5 months of your Staging Date, this is called your Declaration of Compliance. The idea of this document is to confirm to the Pension Regulator that you are meeting all of your obligations and provide details of your circumstances and your Pension account to them.

The Pension Regulator will fine you if this document is not completed by the deadline.

We appreciate that is is a laborious task and so, unlike some of our competitors, we include completion of this document in the NannyPaye Pension Service. You do not need to remind us or make us aware that it needs to be done, when you use our Pension Service we think of everything for you so that you do not need to worry or stress about things.

Don't forget, that we do all of this for you if you use the NannyPaye Pension Service.