Employing a Nanny - what does it mean?

So you have decided that a Nanny is the right form of childcare for you - Congratulations!

The fact that you are here on our website tells us that the realisation that you are going to have to become an Employer has hit you. Daunting isn't it!

When you take on a nanny, in the eyes of HMRC you become an Employer and and as such you have the same obligations to HMRC as every other Employer in the country. This means that HMRC expect the same of you as they do of Tesco's.  Suddenly employing a nanny feels like it might not be the right choice anymore as the last thing you need is a bunch of paperwork and HMRC chasing your tail, don't panic.

When you use our Payroll Service we take care of all of the red tape for you. We deal with everything HMRC right from the start, there is no need for you to have anything to do with them. The whole ethos behind our company is to enable you to spend your precious non-working time with your children, not dealing with paperwork.

Right at the start we open your account with HMRC, it's opened in your name but we are registered as the agent, which means any questions that HMRC have should be directed to us. we fully manage this account the whole way through your life as an employer, we deal with whatever comes up whether it is Sickness, Maternity, Paternity, Adoption, County Court Judgement's, Student Loans, Tax Code changes, National Insurance Contribution code changes, Attachments of Earnings Orders and much more.

We submit all payroll information to HMRC using Real Time Information (this is the law), email payslips to you, post them to your employee and tell you when you owe the Tax and NIC's to HMRC as well as how to pay (we even remind you a couple of days before the deadline).

Other than making the actual payments to your nanny and HMRC everything is dealt with by us.