Employment Allowance

In 2014 the government announced a new scheme to help employer’s reduce their National Insurance bill. Despite nanny and domestic employers being ineligible to benefit from the Employment Allowance, Downing Street mistakenly included them on their mailing list when they wrote to all UK employers with an invitation to join the scheme. 

As of April 2016 the Employment Allowance for eligible employers has changed from £2k to £3k. 

From 2015, if you are a nanny or domestic employer, you will be able to claim if your circumstances fit any of the criteria listed below that prevent you from carrying out the usual tasks of childcare or everyday living.

You can claim if you:

  1. are elderly
  2. have a past or present mental or physical disability
  3. have a past or present dependency on drugs or alcohol
  4. have a past or present illness
  5. have a past or present mental disorder
  6. are hiring a nanny to help with caring for child with a disability