Posted 31 May 2024

DBS Update Service

DBS checks are a really important part of a professional nanny’s portfolio, with employers or nanny agencies often requiring you to complete a fresh one when you start working in a new role.

It’s good practice to keep your personal DBS as up to date as possible which is where the DBS’s Update Service comes in handy.

Did you know that when completing a new DBS check you can select the option for your record to be kept online and updated continuously for any new employers to view? This costs an annual fee of £13 which, when compared to the standard Ofsted fee for an enhanced check of £57.55, offers a potentially significant saving over the years.

Top Tip: You have to sign up for the Update Service within 28 days of a new DBS check being completed.

When you then start a new role you can then simply pass on the certificate number provided by the DBS to your new employer who can go online and see the up-to-date status of your previous check. This reassures your new family that your details are unchanged and the paper DBS certificate that you have shown them is still current. All completed in minutes not weeks.

You do not need to personally do anything except show them the paper copy and give them your update service details, so utilising this service can also save you the time that you would have had to have spend completing a fresh application.

For more information please visit the Gov.UK website here: