Nanny Payroll Service

When you employ a nanny in the eyes of HMRC you become an employer and as such you have the same responsibilities to HMRC as any other employer in the country (that's right, you are expected to do the same as Tesco's). Obviously this is a tad daunting, but don't panic this is where NannyPaye come to the rescue.

Once you register with us we will take care of everything for you, the only things that you have to do on an ongoing basis is to pay the nanny the net salary each payday based on the payslip that we send you, pay the tax bill to HMRC every three months when we send it to you and let us know if anything changes. We will do the rest.

What do we do for you

The first thing that we do is to post you a welcome pack with lots of useful information in it and set you up on our payroll system ready to run your payroll for you.  You will need to return the forms that are in the welcome pack to us along with your money laundering ID and make payment to us for our annual service fee.  Four weeks before your employee starts working for you we will contact HMRC and ask them to open an account for you, the account will be in your name but we will be the registered agent on the account.  This is important as it means that any questions that HMRC have they should aim directly at us for us to deal with without you having been disturbed at all.  Dealing with HMRC is actually the most laborious part of our service, but the great thing is that in many cases you will be totally unaware of the fact that there has been a problem as we will have dealt without for you directly.  Alongside dealing with any HMRC problems that come up we will submit all of the payroll data to HMRC under Real Time Information reporting, this means that HMRC has to receive the payroll information before your pay your employee (which is why we ask you to give us any changes at least 5 working days before payday).

The side of our service that you really see happening is the actual payroll processing. you will recieve a payslip via email before the payday and you need to ensure that you pay the employee the net pay that is detailed on the payslip on her payday. You can pay this using cash, cheque, bank transfer, childcare vouchers (if they are Ofsted registered) or a combination of these.

Every three months we will email and post you a quarterly tax bill, this will show a detailed breakdown of all payroll that we have sent to you in the three month period. It also contains the sort code, account number and name of HMRC bank account along with the date that it has to be paid by and the reference that you need to pay it with. The tax bill will include the PAYE tax, employees NIC, employers NIC, student loan repayments, adjustments for previous bills that you have under or overpaid, employers allowance (if you are eligible you need to let us know), and Statutory Maternity Pay reclaimed.

When should you inform us of payroll changes

We always ask you to inform us of any payroll changes as early as possible, but at least 5 working days before the payday as this give us time to process the change and submit the payroll to HMRC in time for the RTI deadline (which is the payday).  If HMRC receive this information late they reserve the right to charge you a penalty of £100 per month.

When will you receive the payslip

When we send the payslip to you will depend on whether you are paying monthly/weekly/2-weekly/4-weekly, whether you have a gross or net agreement and whether you are paying at the end of the month or mid-month. The table below shows when we will send your payslip to you.

Payroll Set-up Gross or Net When is the payslip sent
Paid weekly on a Friday Gross Between Tuesday and Thursday for the following week's payday
Paid weekly on a Friday Net Between Tuesday and Thursday for that week's payday
Paid 2 weekly or 4 weekly on any day Both Between Tuesday and Thursday for the following week's payday
Paid monthly on the last day of the month Gross Between the 15th and 20th of the month for the end of month payday
Paid monthly on the last day of the month Net Between the 20th and 25th of the month for the end of month payday
Paid on any other day during the month Both Between 5 and 15 days before your payday
You call or email the hours/pay for any pay set-up Both When you call/email it through to us we will process it as soon as possible

When will I recieve the tax bills

We send the tax bills to you each quarter unless your tax bill is over £1500 per month then we will bill you each month. The below table assumes that you will be paying the tax bill quarterly.

Tax Quarter Payroll Period included When will we send you the tax bill When is payment due
Quarter 1 6th April - 5th July Around 30th June* 22nd July
Quarter 2 6th July - 5th October Around 30th September* 22nd October
Quarter 3 6th October - 5th January Around 2nd January* 22nd January
Quarter 4 6th January - 5th April Around 31st March* 22nd April

*If you call through the payroll to us this bill will be sent slightly later