Many people hear the word 'Pension' and immediately feel the panic rising inside them, if you add to that 'you have to offer one to your employee' then I am sure there are a few people you would have to pickup off the floor.

But, it is a fact of life that with an ageing population we all need to start thinking more about how we save for our future and so the Government have introduced 'Auto-Enrolment' to 'help'.

I am sure 'help' is not the word many employers would use when they think of the daunting task that they have ahead of them and 'help' is certainly not the word that we hear used when people realise the amount of work involved in this 'idea' nor the fines that you will be given for not complying.

However, 'help' is exactly what NannyPaye do best. In fact, 'help' isn't the best description for what we do 'we just do it all for you' would be a better one.