Submit Payments to Pension Scheme

Once the pension contribution schedule has been submitted to NEST they will expect payment for this schedule. This involves logging into the NEST account and approving the payment to be taken from the registered bank account.

When we create the NEST account for you, the only part that you have to do is provide your bank details for the Direct Debit and authorise the Terms and Conditions. This is why. Once you have given the bank details we are then able to use them each week/month to authorise the payment for you.

We are one of only two companies who do this for you, all of the others you have to login and authorise the payment yourself each week/month. The only other company who do offer this charges £49 per month, so we are very pleased to have been able to keep our pension service charge at £60.00 per annum including VAT.

Don't forget, that we do all of this for you if you use the NannyPaye Pension Service.